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Taming Anxiety

with Oren Jay Sofer – When it comes to our emotions, we're presented with a choice: ignore them, act them out, or be mindful of them. In this course, Oren shares practical tools for responding wisely, instead of reacting blindly.
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Taming Anxiety

with Leslie Booker – You'll learn tools for examining and overcoming your own particular anxiety feedback loop, while building the skills of mindfulness, compassion, and bravery along the way.
Dan Harris talking to Kelly McGonigal

Healthy Habits

with Kelly McGonigal, PhD – Behavior change expert Kelly McGonigal and meditation teacher Alexis Santos give us a new way of thinking about creating the change we want. Their approach is not only more effective; it also helps you learn about yourself and actually enjoy the process while you’re at it.
Dan Harris and Sebene Selassie discussing

Manage Stress Better

with Sebene Selassie – We’ve brought together some of the world’s top stress-reduction experts to offer you practical tools to bounce back from stress with more clarity, perspective, and energy to move you toward your goals.
Dan Harris and Jeff Warren moving Ten Percent Happier Booth

Meditation for Skeptics

with Jeff Warren – Join Dan and Jeff on a cross-country tour as they meet would-be meditators and explore the most common stumbling blocks to getting into a meditation practice.
Dan Harris and Christy Harrison Smiling


with Christy Harrison – Registered dietician and Intuitive Eating coach Christy Harrison will help you get off the food-shame rollercoaster once and for all, so you can reclaim the pleasure of eating and learn to make choices about food from a place of self-care, not self-control.

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