Your Mind Has a Mind of Its Own

Todd Strauss-Schulson
December 22, 2022
Your Mind Makes Thoughts Like

Editor’s Note: With many of us taking some down time this week, we thought we’d offer something lighter in this week’s newsletter: an adaptation of the children’s book by author and filmmaker Todd Strauss-Schulson titled, believe it or not, Your Mind Makes Thoughts Like Your Butt Makes Farts. We think it conveys the essence of mindfulness in a way that matches well with this week’s mood.

Your mind has a mind of its own.

It’s chatting and yapping when you’re out or at home.


It thinks it’s in charge, it’s making demands.

Like “Sleep a bit later” or “Don’t wash your hands.”

It yells “I don’t like you!” or “You’re doing great!”

It might make you laugh – or make your heart ache.

But the things that it says are not always true,

Your mind makes up thoughts like your tongue makes you drool.

Like your nose makes snot, like your butt farts a lot,

Your mind has a mind of its own.


If ever your mind gets too angry or sad,

Too noisy, or swirly, or says “everything’s bad,”

No need to believe it, don’t feel so alone

Just let your mind have a mind of its own.


But how do you do it? It’s such a hard task.

The trick is to remember, thoughts just don’t last.


Your mind’s just a friend like your nose, tongue, and butt;

You don’t have to get scared when it starts to erupt.

You can watch it, be friendly, wave as thoughts pass on through.

Say “Hi thought! How are ya! How do you do?”


Thoughts won’t stay forever; they’ll just move right on by

Like a fish in the river or a bird in the sky

Your mind will think thoughts, but you don’t have to believe ‘em

Or get lost in judging, comparing, daydreamin.’


So don’t get so thrown when your mind starts to roam.

If you’re paying attention, you can bring it right home.

You’re lucky your mind has a mind of its own.

Todd Strauss-Schulson is a director and producer from Forest Hills, New York. He is known for films such as The Final Girls, Isn't It Romantic, and A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas.

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