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We have more resources telling us how to be happy than any humans ever. And yet many of us can’t figure it out. Why? And what does it actually take to lead a happier life?
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With the Ten Percent Happier app, you’ll access practical teachings alongside guided meditations to make mindfulness into a habit you carry everywhere.

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Our meditation teachers are renowned leaders in the field. And because everyone is different, they offer a variety of approaches so you can find the best for you.

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Anushka Fernandopulle

Anushka has practiced meditation for over 25 years, including four years in full-time intensive training in monasteries and retreat centers in the US, India and Sri Lanka.

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Sharon Salzberg

A towering figure in the meditation world, Sharon Salzberg is a prominent teacher & New York Times best-selling author. She has played a crucial role bringing mindfulness and lovingkindness practices to the West.

Joseph Goldstein Portrait

Joseph Goldstein

Joseph is one of the most respected meditation teachers in the world — a key architect of the rise of mindfulness in our modern society— with a sense of humor to boot.

“Having permission to sit for what ever time I can has helped me to be more regular.”
— Kelly C
“Compared to the other meditation apps out there, this one is the Rolls Royce of meditation apps.”
— John Smith
“A friend asked me to take a two week challenge with her — now I’m hooked! Just 10 minutes a day & in such a more positive mood.”
— Jessica F
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Our books

After a panic attack on live TV, ABC news anchor Dan Harris had to make some changes. Harris recounts his journey from skeptic to meditator.

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Ten Percent Happier publishes a variety of podcasts that offer relatable wisdom designed to help you meet the challenges and opportunities in your daily life.

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