#27: Mark Epstein

Ten Percent Happier
April 21, 2020

Mark Epstein, M.D., has practiced insight meditation since 1974. He is a psychiatrist and author of a number of books about the interface of Buddhism and psychotherapy, including Thoughts without a Thinker and Going to Pieces without Falling Apart.

You can learn more about him at http://markepsteinmd.com/.

Neighbors Together is a soup kitchen and social service center committed to ending hunger and poverty in Brooklyn. In response to COVID-19, Neighbors Together switched to a grab-and-go model, and on Wednesday they were able to distribute 200 meals in just two hours. As the crisis continues, more people will be in need of the emergency services offered by Neighbors Together and they need donations now more than ever. Please consider giving at https://neighborstogether.org/help/.


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