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Do Less For the Holidays
Take 40% off Ten Percent Happier.

This Cyber Monday, we’re inviting you to do 40% less—starting with what you pay for Ten Percent happier.

Does this mean avoiding forced family meals and stressful shopping trips? Probably not. But it does mean shifting your attention towards things that are a little more meaningful—which is something we can help with.

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What’s included in your membership

Proven courses

Learn meditation and mindfulness techniques to help you stress better, find happiness, choose healthy habits, eat mindfully, and more – all free with membership.

500+ Meditations

Gain unlimited access to our huge library of guided meditations, with options for every mind, mood, and experience level. Get a Daily Dose hand-picked by our editors each day.

Sleep meditations

Unwind at bedtime with our relaxing meditations, designed to help you fall - and stay - asleep.

World-class teachers

We put more emphasis on picking top teachers than any other meditation app. Our teachers have decades of experience teaching mindfulness, and they walk the talk, too.

Bite-size inspiration

Learn more about mindfulness, and how to put it into practice in your daily life, with engaging talks from our teachers that you can listen to anytime, anywhere.

Ad-free podcasts

Get uninterrupted access to all the Ten Percent Happier podcasts: Ten Percent Happier, Childproof, More Than a Feeling, and Twenty Percent Happier.