Guided Meditations

Mindfulness meditation instructions are incredibly simple. How simple?

"Sit, and know you are sitting" - Joseph Goldstein

For a slightly longer treatment on the basics of meditation, check out our article walking through How to Meditate.

If you’ve ever tried meditation though, this statement will resonate with you:

"Meditation is simple, but not easy" - Joseph Goldstein

Whether you are new to meditation or an old hat, guided meditations from experienced teachers can be incredibly helpful. Here are some of the benefits of guided meditation:

  • It’s easy to get distracted, the voice in a guided meditation can gently bring you back
  • Guided meditations are sprinkled with nuggets of wisdom, which can inspire you or keep you on track
  • It’s tempting to think when your mind wanders you are a failed meditator. A guided meditation can remind you that *everyone* experiences this, and that your job is to simply begin again (and again, and again)
  • Meditation can be a lonely experience, a patient voice can help you realize that we’re in this together
  • Guided meditations can introduce you to new styles of practice or teach you new concepts

Below are some Free Guided Meditations. For more free guided sessions and a more in depth ongoing experience, download the Ten Percent Happier App. The same teachers below (and many more), are featured in the app.

Your first seven video lessons and meditation are completely free. If you'd like more content and coaching, you can subscribe for $99/year.
On Minute to Sanity – 1 Minute
Dan Harris
Bicep curl for your Brain – 3 Minutes
Dan Harris
"Sit and know you’re sitting” - Guided Mindfulness Meditation - 10 minutes
Joseph Goldstein
“Opening to your fields of awareness” - Guided Open Awareness Meditation - 10 minutes
Joseph Goldstein
Guided Lovingkindness Meditation - 10 minutes
Sharon Salzberg
“Allowing your body to relax” - Guided Body Scan Meditation - 10 minutes
Judson Brewer
"Plug yourself in and let’s go for a walk" - Guided Walking Meditation - 10 minutes
Alexis Santos

Meditate with more free guided meditations in the Ten Percent Happier App from the teachers above and many more. Download the app and start with ‘The Basics’ course with Joseph Goldstein or check out the one-off guided mediations in the ‘Just Meditate’ section. In both the course format and one-off guided meditation section you’ll find some more helpful free guided meditations. Take these mediations with you anywhere. Download the app and start exploring the practice.

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