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Whether you've been reading the Meditation For Fidgety Skeptics book, are new to meditation, or are a long-time 10% Happier subscriber - I think you’ll find these sessions compelling.

Whereas I was once obsessed with simply demystifying meditation as a way to popularize the practice, I am now fixated on finding specific ways of helping people get over the hump and actually do the thing.

So I grabbed my friend Jeff Warren - a meditation teacher and “Meditation MacGyver” - and embarked on a cross-country quest to tackle the myths, misconceptions, and self-deceptions that stop people from meditating. We rented a rock-star tour bus (whose previous occupants were Parliament Funkadelic) and traveled across eighteen states, talking to scores of would-be meditators—including parents, military cadets, and police officers.

That journey served as the basis for the Meditation For Fidgety Skeptics book - and this course.

Each session consists of a short video followed by a guided meditation.

In the videos, you’ll get a glimpse into our adventures and misadventures on the road as we systematically taxonomize and tackle the most common meditation stumbling blocks.

Jeff’s guided meditations start with the basics of mindfulness and build from there - they are game-changing, pragmatic, and often incredibly funny.

Whether you are are worried you don’t have the time to meditate, can’t clear your mind, or are concerned that meditation will erode your professional edge - this content is designed to help.

I also encourage you to check out the rest of the app. I’ve brought together my favorite teachers and scientists -- people who are maximally clear, qualified, and cool.

We’re constantly adding new content, all of it with an eye to how meditation can improve your work, your relationships, and your health -  there really is something for everyone.

-Dan Harris, October 2017

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