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Anxiety sucks. We help you tame it.
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Sound familiar?

Whenever you start to worry about something, it quickly becomes a downward spiral you can’t extract yourself from. You feel like you don’t have the right tools for managing your anxiety.

Or, you constantly feel FOMO, and that you’re not measuring up to other people in your life. You find yourself wondering, “What am I doing wrong that my life isn’t as good as everyone else’s?”

It’s not just you. People everywhere feel the same way—and we’ve helped them through it.

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See how we’re helping people keep their $#!t together

With just a few minutes of instruction per day. Our simple lessons incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), self-reflection, and meditation. We’ve partnered with some of the best practitioners in those disciplines to bring you actionable, practical advice on how to change the behaviors that make you feel most anxious.

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Wait… meditation?

Meditation and mindfulness is an awesome tool when it’s rooted in reality. We see meditation as practicing for real life, which is why we constantly tie our exercises to real scenarios you’re actually going through.

“I’ve been using it daily for 6 weeks now—I’ve noticed a big difference already both at home and at work. I’m calmer, happier and just able to deal with stress better. Highly recommend.”
- Purdeyem
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Meet Your Instructors

Luana Marques Portrait
Dr. Luana Marques
Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, President of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), and an expert in CBT. Dr. Marques’s work focuses on empowering individuals to understand and overcome their anxiety.
Leslie Booker Portrait
Leslie Booker
A meditation instructor with over 16 years of experience, and a graduate of Spirit Rock’s four-year Retreat Teacher Training Program.
Dan Harris Portrait
Dan Harris
Emmy-winning journalist & best-selling author. Co-founder of Ten Percent Happier.

What You’ll Learn

Lesson 1: Meet Your Dragon

How and why anxiety can actually be useful.

Lesson 2: The Spin Cycle

The cycle that breeds anxiety—and how to interrupt it.

Lesson 3: All About Avoidance

The anxiety trap masquerading as a cure.

Lesson 4: Cognitive Distortions

How to interrogate your mind—and discover the tricks it plays on you.

Lesson 5: The Universal Condition

Why we’ve come to expect too much of ourselves.

Lesson 6: Mildly Horrible

The importance of leaning into anxiety.

Lesson 7: Facing Your Fear

How to lean into anxiety—without going overboard.

Lesson 8: You're Not Alone

An important, but often neglected, resource for managing anxiety.

Lesson 9: Shifting Perspective

A subtle, yet powerful, mindset shift we don’t often hear about.

Lesson 10: Go Be Brave Now

Why anxiety isn’t a dragon you need to slay.
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