#612. Can You Get Fit Without Self-Loathing? | Cara Lai

Ten Percent Happier
June 21, 2023
#612. Can You Get Fit Without Self-Loathing? | Cara Lai
Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

It’s an urgent question for so many of us: Can we exercise, can we take care of our bodies, without being driven by shame, self-loathing, or noxious comparison to other people?

Our guest today has a unique perspective on this. Cara Lai is a former social worker and psychotherapist who is now a Buddhist teacher. She also used to be a marathoner. But in the last few years, her body has undergone some radical changes, leading her to some hard-won, fascinating, and deeply useful insights about how to strike the balance between taking care of your body and staying sane.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Practices for that moment when you’re getting out of the shower, see yourself in the mirror, and engage in a festival of self-judgment
  • The surprising things that happened when Cara was forced to stop exercising
  • A counterintuitive mindfulness practice suggestion for those with exercise routines
  • When and why you should purposely do things you know are bad for you
  • Why we often resist ‘being in our bodies,’ why that’s OK, and how to lower the bar on this contemplative cliché–without giving it up
  • A body-related Buddhist practice she finds to be totally not useful

Where to find Cara Lai online: 

Website: www.caralai.org/

Podcast: Adventures in Meditating

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