5 Ways To Get Over Yourself | Pascal Auclair

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December 22, 2023
5 Ways To Get Over Yourself | Pascal Auclair
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Understanding the Buddhist concept of “the five aggregates.“

Pascal Auclair has been immersed in the study and practice of Buddhist teachings since 1997. He has participated in retreats in Asia and America with renowned masters from both monastic and secular backgrounds. Pascal completed four years of teacher training with Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield of the Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts and Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California. Pascal teaches mainly in North America and Europe. He is one of the founding members of True North Insight, where he teaches and acts as a mentor.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How the five aggregates got Auclair hooked on Buddhist practice and philosophy
  • The five aggregates as a way to work with difficulty
  • Living with the non-negotiable prospect of dying
  • Paying attention to pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral feeling tone
  • Meditation training as a way to understand that experiences are conditional

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