#331 How to Understand Oneness | Roshi Norma Wong

Ten Percent Happier
March 17, 2021
#331 How to Understand Oneness | Roshi Norma Wong
Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

Today we’re diving into a concept that is simultaneously one of the oldest contemplative cliches and one of the most profound head scratchers — oneness. Can *you* be one with everything if *you* don’t really exist? And, even if we manage to grok this idea, what are the practical ramifications? Actually, this is just one of the many riddles and paradoxes we’ll be exploring today. 

My guest is Roshi Norma Wong. She was recommended to us by frequent guest and friend of TPH, The Reverend angel Kyodo Williams. Roshi Norma is a Zen Master, a life-long resident of Hawaii, a former State legislator, and abbot of a Zen temple called Anko-in. In this conversation, we talk about:

  • Understanding -- and experiencing -- oneness
  • Removing the binary between relaxation and focus
  • Why she thinks we need to cultivate pride and humility simultaneously
  • Why she thinks that before we try to solve the world’s problems, we need to become better people
  • And why our current moment of compounding global catastrophes presents us with an unprecedented opportunity

Speaking of transformation in the face of crisis, we’ve always done our best to use this podcast as a place to figure out how to navigate our ever-shifting world. Over the last year, for example, we’ve spoken with experts about how to cope with the coronavirus, from dealing with anxiety and grief to parenting in a pandemic to worries about money.

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