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How to Handle Dread

Ten Percent Happier
November 22, 2022
Podcast Transcript

The interviewer becomes the guest! In this Ten Percent Happier / More Than A Feeling crossover conversation, Dan Harris interviews Saleem to find out what stuck with him from his  investigation into dread. We also highlight some of the best advice that came from our expert guests, from how to get the most out of journaling and drawing our dread, to discovering some unexpected joy when we confront the things that scare us most.  

You can find The Dread Project miniseries, with five days of challenges for working with dread, in the More Than A Feeling podcast feed — or if you want to make it official, and get five days of emails that step you through the challenge, you can sign up anytime at You can follow More Than A Feeling on Twitter at @podfeelings

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