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Death, But Fun!

Ten Percent Happier
November 16, 2022
Podcast Transcript

Today we get some surprisingly joyful insights about coping with the dread of death – whether we’re concerned about our own mortality or losing those we love. It’s Day Three of The Dread Project Challenge, a five-day series that investigates an emotion so many of us are struggling with lately – from our dread of the next Zoom meeting to worries that have life-and-death stakes. Each day of the challenge, we tackle dread in a different way, and offer you a fun exercise for feeling a little better, even when you’re anticipating the worst. 

Dread of death might be the ultimate dread we face in life, but Clinical Psychologist Rachel Menzies and Death Doula Alua Arthur explain why remembering we will die – instead of trying to forget – can help us accept the inevitable.

Today’s Challenge - Estimated Time 5 minutes:

Offered by Alua Arthur, death doula and founder of Going With Grace

At some point in the next 24 hrs, wherever you are - in your home, or out on a walk - take 3-5 minutes to pause. Be right where you’re at. Start with a few deep, anchoring breaths. Then, take a look around you. And really look at - and name - the things that are either dying or have died. Maybe it’s the wood your desk is made out of. Maybe one of the lightbulbs in the kitchen just blew out. Don’t forget to include your own body somewhere on that list. As a closing thought, you might think, or say, to yourself “Death feeds life. Life feeds death.” or “I am a natural thing. I am dying. I will die. Something new will come from my death.”

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