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Introducing: Other Men Need Help

Ten Percent Happier
August 2, 2022
Podcast Transcript

Today, we’re sharing an episode from Other Men Need Help, an award-winning podcast hosted by our own More Than A Feeling senior producer Mark Pagán. This show playfully looks at how men present themselves to the world and what’s underneath.

In this episode, I Miss You. Period., Mark investigates three little words that have him tongue-tied around his friends. He turns to long-term and long distance BFFs Darnell and Dimetrius to puzzle out his fear of a certain phrase (and calls on perspectives from a chorus of other men), to find out what's made their friendship work for fifteen years.

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Other Men Need Help is executive produced, hosted, and written by Mark Pagán. Ben Goldberg, Caitlin Mae Burke, and Rebecca Seidel are lead producers. Navani Otero is the producer. Cierra Franco and Shaneez Tyndall are associate producers. Rebecca Seidel is the lead engineer. Ben Goldberg is the lead editor. Original music by Fulton Street Music Group with additional music from Blue Dot Sessions.

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