Best of the Archives: Sara Bareilles – Anxiety, Anger, and Art

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January 24, 2022
Best of the Archives: Sara Bareilles – Anxiety, Anger, and Art
Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

This week, we're posting some of our best podcasts from the archives on a dragon many of us face internally – anxiety. The first episode of the series features Sara Bareilles. 

Sara Bareilles is a singer, songwriter, composer, and actor who earned Tony and Grammy Award nominations for her Broadway musical Waitress. She also stars in the show Girls5eva, which is back for a second season this year on Peacock.

Behind all of Sara's artistic and professional successes, there is a meditator who is fearlessly open and public about her struggles with anxiety and depression. In this conversation, she talks about: her history of anxiety and depression; the relationship between suffering and art; whether meditation might defang somebody's creativity; how she works with anger; and her relationship with social media. She’ll also share some of the backstories behind some of her hit songs.

Just a note: This episode is a rerun from June 2021. There are some references that might seem a little out of date, but the content remains relevant. 

Content Warning: This conversation features an exploration of depression and anxiety with one very brief mention of self-harm. 

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