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An Antidote to Eco-Dread

Ten Percent Happier
November 18, 2022
Podcast Transcript

Eco-dread. It’s one of the most overwhelming emotions listeners are struggling with. But we can’t just tune out and shut down. Not only because it’s untenable to live that way, but because the only way out is the biggest collective action the planet has ever seen. Nature Educator Aurelia Casey and Somatic Therapist Patty Adams help listeners understand that the environments immediately around us can help us build emotional resilience, so that even if we feel paralyzed by eco-dread we don’t have to stay that way for too long. 

Today’s Challenge - Estimated Time 3-5 Minutes

This evening, some time around sunset, stop what you’re doing, and step outside. Take time to notice things around you: the quality of the light, the color it makes on your skin or the other structures or living things around you. Notice what your other senses are picking up, too. Do you hear any birds? Is there a rustle in the breeze? What can you smell? Do you notice anything that’s changing around you, or maybe inside you as you stand outside? When you turn around to go back in, does a little bit of that evening glow follow you back in?

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