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Vibe: A Distributed Emotion

Ten Percent Happier
June 21, 2022
Podcast Transcript

We hear a lot about “vibe” these days: Vibe check, a shift in the vibe, catching a vibe, don't kill the vibe. With the help of scholars and researchers Ellen Dissanayake, Connie Bainbridge, and Maria Witek we’ll define this feeling by drawing a fun, evolutionary line from the sweet sounds of baby talk and lullabies, all the way to adults vibing to the music they love. To put our findings to the test, musicians Phil Cook & Ally J help Saleem write a new lullaby, and DJ Zephyr Ann & DJ Rang demonstrate the power of experiencing “distributed emotion” through music. 

This is the last episode of the season but we’ll be back a little down the road. In the meantime, keep the vibe going by listening to our Spotify playlist, and follow & tweet us at @podfeelings with some suggestions to add to the list!

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Where to find our guests online:

Ellen Dissanayake:

Connie Bainbridge

The Music Lab at Harvard University

Dr. Maria Witek:

Phil Cook:

Ally J:

Zephyr Ann Doles:

DJ Rang:

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