The Anti-Diet | Evelyn Tribole

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December 20, 2023
The Anti-Diet | Evelyn Tribole
Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

The interview that changed the way Dan relates to food. 

Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD, CEDRD-S is an award-winning registered dietitian, with a nutrition counseling practice in Newport Beach, California. She has written ten books including the bestsellers Healthy Homestyle Cooking and Intuitive Eating (co-author). Her newest book is the Intuitive Eating Workbook: Ten Principles for Nourishing a Healthy Relationship with Food.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How meditation practice and intuitive eating are similar
  • The difference between mindful eating and intuitive eating
  • Why gentle nutrition is the last principle of intuitive eating
  • How to rethink negative body image
  • Why you can’t tell how healthy a person is by looking at their body
  • Why it’s important not to talk about food in moralistic terms
  • How to make peace with and rethink our relationship with food

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