World Meditation Week: 7 Days of Practical Meditation

Ten Percent Happier
May 1, 2024
World Meditation Week

May 13th is your starting line for a deeper connection with meditation, featuring 7 days of themed explorations led by incredibly inspiring teachers.

We’ll be hitting you with FREE guided meditations daily to teach you to weave mindfulness into the fabric of your everyday life. Also, throughout the week we’ll be working with our Unguided Timer, allowing you to customize your practice based on when, where, and how you can find time.

Here's what we have planned:

Day 1: Intentions. Set your journey's course.
Day 2: Tech Timeout. Unplug, find peace.
Day 3: Mindful Meal. Connect with your food.
Day 4: Listen Up. Deepen connections through listening.
Day 5: Mindful Moves. Walk with awareness.
Day 6: Gratitude. Reflect on life's gifts.
Day 7: Simplify. Focus on what matters.

Join us for World Meditation Week and experience the transformative power of mindfulness in your daily life. Let's meditate together and create a more peaceful world, one breath at a time.

This is your invitation to slow down and begin again exactly where you are.

With the Ten Percent Happier app, you’ll access practical teachings alongside guided meditations to make mindfulness into a habit you carry everywhere.

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