World Meditation Week: 7 Days of Practical Meditation

Ten Percent Happier
May 11, 2023
World Meditation Week

This year, we're bringing World Meditation Day down to earth, and extending it out for a week, with practical meditation techniques that you can apply to your everyday life.

Join us for free meditations and live coaching classes each day, as we explore the benefits of mindfulness together.

Starting on Monday, May 15th and culminating on Sunday, May 21st with World Meditation Day, we invite you to join us on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth through free daily meditations.

Here's what we have planned:

- Monday, May 15: Meditations for Cultivating Happiness

- Tuesday, May 16: Meditations for Stress Reduction

- Wednesday, May 17: Meditations for Self-Compassion

- Wednesday, May 18: Meditations for Beginning Again

- Friday, May 19: Meditations for More Balance

- Saturday, May 20: Meditations for Self-Discovery

- Sunday, May 21: Meditations for Taming Anxiety

In addition to free content, we're also unlocking 40% off a Ten Percent Happier membership.

We believe that the world needs more meditators and we want to make it easier for you to continue your meditation journey.

Join us for World Meditation Week and experience the transformative power of mindfulness in your daily life. Let's meditate together and create a more peaceful world, one breath at a time.

Simply click on the button below to redeem the offer and access the free meditations.

With the Ten Percent Happier app, you’ll access practical teachings alongside guided meditations to make mindfulness into a habit you carry everywhere.

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